The Art Exchange

I posted a while about about my Patreon page but I lost confidence in it. However as I am faced with not knowing what to do about employment as it is taking valuable time away from creating and most importantly time away from dancing on weekends I felt that I should probably start it back up again. Also I support Amanda Palmer on hers and around £4 goes out to her every month and I get little snippets for it.

I truly believe in my work and my performing and I know that I can get by living off it however I do need a boost and patrons I can rely on. You can subscribe in dollars as it’s a US site from $1 a month and it goes up to $100 dollars a month and you can cancel at any time. There are all sorts of rewards available including behind the scene streams, pieces of artwork, discount codes for life and some levels you get put in to the surprise pool where I will send you random things every now and again. I would also love to get to know some of you guys! Even the $1 subscribers, you all matter to me! If you are supporting me and my work then I love you!

If you fancy checking it out head to If you can’t support then please share. Everything helps.


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