Tell Me On A Sunday-Where On Earth Have We Been?

Welcome to the first instalment of “Tell me on a Sunday” in a I’m to get me posting on set days. So, where have we been since we have been quiet?

Well funding options have been dire so I am working with the same tools as before and using the floor to cut and sew upon. Not ideal. We went to Trafford Park Comic Con the other Sunday which was great for experience. It sadly it was utterly dead. But nonetheless I got some great ideas for displaying work at future events and all sorts so it wasn’t a completely wasted day. 

I am finishing off a few pieces from old surplus pieces of basics and stock and then I am going to start playing with making waistcoats, aprons and tote bags! Get my own line going properly. 

I am utterly sick of being completely restricted with what I can do and when because of my normal job which helps to pay the bills. I am completely adamant to make my lovely little business work! Even if it is without any financial help whatsoever. 

I have also been trading at club nights which have been a little slow too due to the attacks in the cities. People are only just starting to venture out properly again. So I will keep trying! 

At Trafford Park Comic Con

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