Slow Saturdays-accomplishments

So last Sunday I did my first market with my shop Cthulhu Cat Cult. It was quiet but kids loved the shop logo and the little pieces of jewellery so this is something I can take on board. I have smashed word targets on my essays this week and am starting to feel more positive about it all. I still have a long way to go but I feel it is achieveable. I applied for an art commission post at The Horsefall, I don’t expect much but it gave me experience of the applications progress and I hope that my love for the subject gets me noticed a little. I finished decorating my spare room by myself as I desperately needed to use it! I didn’t finish it to a great standard but i am happy in it which is the most important thing and it has become my little hovel for writing in. Today I wrote another 1000 words or so on my pastiche and queer cinema essay followed by making more things for the Etsy store. I am off to have a little stall at Zeitgeist tonight so hopefully this will help a little. It’s a little daunting having to deal with work and university whilst trying to finish my essays next week. I guess it’s time for some early mornings and late nights! 


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