What Would I Spend It On?

I enjoyed writing my post on Salome and the things I am reading. Sadly it was my first post in a while so it didn’t go very far, so I must keep posting!

As many of you may know one side of this blog is my business Cthulhu Cat Cult. The shop is on Etsy and I do what I can when I can in between work and studies, but the aim is to make it work for me as a business that I can live off along side my dancing and modelling. This year I am trading at Trafford Comic Con, so that will be the business’ first day out so to speak! Very excited and new products are coming along very nicely. The money that comes from the business at the moment goes straight back in to it along with some of my own money. There is little to no funding for businesses and I cannot get a start up loan. This poses some real difficulties for me: I need tools to work faster but cannot afford them, I have to book days off work to do market stalls which I also need to pay for up front. As a student, this is really difficult.


Etsy is wonderful, we have a lovely little Manchester team and we all help each other and any opportunities that we find we share with one another. One of these opportunities is a competition to win £8000 for the business by vote. I have share this, I currently have 29 votes and some other have over 600, so before I ask you to spend a couple of seconds doing two actions I thought I would tell you what I would spend the money on!

  1. The tools-I need a stud press and I need a proper sewing table. My sewing machine is currently stacked upon 3 boxes of art materials and I have to use my make up stool to sit on whilst sewing.
  2. Photo equipment-I need a couple of lights, reflectors and boxes to make lovely photos to present the items that I work!
  3. Get them stalls booked in!-With the money I would be able to confidently book and pay for all of the stalls that I want to attend and not have to worry if I run out of holidays to take those days off work. Also pay for the travel to these places.
  4. Website-I would do something better with the website. Integrate the blog and the shop differently so all aspects of what I do are all nicely laid out on one site.
  5. Marketing materials-I need flyers, business cards and a banner.
  6. Easel-I need an easel to do some larger paintings on. I have old drawings that I want to turn in to mixed-media pieces on canvas.
  7. Printer-I need a decent printer to turn my drawings in to actual prints. These will make nice little low ticket items for stalls and the website where people may not want to spend money on the higher ticket items such as jackets.


So there is a little outline of what I would spend the money on! If you could please click this link and then click vote I would really appreciate it, even more if you could share it too. We are only a little shop with few fans to call upon at this time and without financial assistance we may always only be a very tiny business.


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