A Productive Easter Holiday

So the holidays have only just begun and is started with me paying towards a little stall at Trafford Park Comic Con. So I will be taking my little Cthulhu Cat Cult shop there for the day which is super exciting. I am offering people who are attending to purchase orders before hand so I can make them and pick them up on the day for. Tonight there are a few creative things going on in Manchester which I am inclined to attend, I want to make this a wonderfully creative Easter! Being creative in this household is not a difficult thing so plans are afoot and very exciting.

I have new items for burlesque costume making. There are a few bits that I really cannot afford at the moment so I have to watch my money in order to buy what I need as I would like these new routines out on the stage within the next couple of months. But for the time being it is getting the costume pieces that I have done up nicely and get the routines down to a T!

On top of all of this I have my essay and dissertation planning to do. It isn’t essential that I do it over Easter but I may as well to make my Summer term a little more bearable on time. I don’t mind essay planning and writing so much as at least they are on topics that I am interested in and care about at this level.

Last but not least, Etsy are running a small business competition to allow little businesses like mine win a little money. So please spend a couple of seconds just hitting vote on here.


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