New Branding!

I know, I haven’t been on top of the blog posts as much as I said I would be. As an update: still studying, still trying to find time for the business. I have however applied to lots of burlesuqe shows ans festivals, markets for Cthulhu Cat Cult and funding. This week I got the branding sorted out for Cthulhu Cat Cult and you can now see this plastered over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as the Etsy shop. Massive thanks to Pascal at Little Lamb for doing it, bloody wonderful and crazy. I can now keep pushing forward and hopefully get some money behind the business so that I can afford the tools that I need as I still haven’t been able to purchase them.

I have received another custom order so if you keep your eyes on the CCC social media pages you can keep up to date with it, here’s a clue: The Young Ones.

Very short update as I am on my way in to work after doing a spot of exercise and lunch! Today I feel like I can get everything to work out for me.


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