The Upsetting Side of Postgraduate Education

As some of you may have read in previous posts, I have been working hard at university and on PhD applications as well as funding. I got offered a place at MMU but would not be considered for their funding; a distressing piece of information considering those who gain scholarships get their fees paid for and what equates to a full time wage. I do not get anything because of my proposal. A proposal which looks at gender dysphoria and child development, something that will help gender and child development in the future and move forward, I get nothing. Alongside this you are not allowed to split up fee payments over the year unless a course if over £5000, a PhD is conveniently just under this threshold. I feel upset and sickened by this system.

What does this mean now?
I apply for more alternative funding, however these give up to £1000 generally and you are not allowed to apply for other charity funded options if you take one of these. I can continue working as much as I do now and risk doing a poor piece of research just because I am trying to cover my own backside financially. The Career Development Loan will not have me because for some reason they are with the Co-Operative Bank and Santander who are particularly against people who have had previous debt. Perfect for students right? Not so much.

I feel sick to my stomach and not very well the more I look in to postgraduate study. It is a horrendous set up. Stick around for further news on this if I ever receive any.


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