Why Call it Cthulhu Cat Cult?

Naming a business is supposed to take some time and inspiration. It is supposed to be trialled and carefully thought out with the customers in mind and provide a good descriptor of the products sold. I went with alliteration! I have a cat, he is pretty special and I try and incorporate him in shop photos and videos like a little mascot. I love myths and classic style horror (I am sensitive with gore) and my other half is a Lovecraft fan so Cthulhu got included in the name, to top it off I think the word “cult” describes a lot of my interests, Cthulhu and black cats. I then started to think of what a Cthulhu cat would look like! What an adorable idea for a logo.

I sell a few different things and I didn’t want to exclude anyone who may be more interested in the vintage chintz type products in the shop by having an apocalypse style of branding so I have tried to retain a happy medium which led me to the tag line “Creepy Cute Creations” which has a little bit of everything on there. The branding is still being developed a little more but I have a clear idea of where it is going. I have been scanning Pinterest for some ideas of styles that I like whether they are for myself or for the business and I saw this little fella:


This little cute crochet Cthulhu (see, alliteration again) pretty much sums up a lot of my interests. On that note, my mate from the other side of the (literal) pond has an Etsy shop and she makes crochet items! Check out Little Luna Oddities.

So here ends the post on why the shop is called what it is! You can check out the shop here and don’t forget that you can request custom orders too if something doesn’t quite fit what you are looking for. We have Twitter, Facebook and Instagram too, keep in touch via all of the social media!


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