The Future of Cthulhu Cat Cult

So I have been working super hard trying to get this thing going through social media, Patreon and so on but I am just not seeing the results. I am wondering whether people have got the wrong idea about small businesses and have started to favour one over the other as if it was a decision between Topshop and River Island. Is the idea of small local businesses not to support small local businesses no matter what? I have applied for a little funding to try and buy a rivet press amongst other things to help me work quicker. I work a part time job as well as study so I need to speed up my creative work to try and get it to work for me and finance itself. 

I have been looking in to other ways of getting the word out there like voting one or two online workshops for free to start with and then with a tiny charge (literally about £1 per view) to watch the workshop. Would you like to see some workshops and classes hosted by Cthulhu Cat Cult? And if so what would you like to see? I am not one to just trash something because it isn’t successful within a few months, so let’s try and make it work! 


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