Just Asking-Business Building, Patreon and The Homeless

Anyone local to Manchester or has a pair of well tuned eyes may know about Manchester’s homeless problem. We have wonderfully located help for homeless, street workers and people with addictions but the Government struggles to help these charities really assist the homeless. Big Change Manchester has a wonderful site set up which can direct people to ways in which they can help by either donating money, time or items to help certain sectors of homeless charities. I made a pledge on behalf of my creative business Cthulhu Cat Cult to donate a percentage of the amount made from each item sold to Big Change and in the future to help with employability and workshop skills to help the homeless obtain jobs.

This obviously takes more out of my cut of the money which I am more than happy with despite the fact that I want to be able to live off my creative businesses. In light of this I have set up my own Patreon page. This lists my targets, what you can pledge and what you will get in return. With Patreon you can see exactly where your money is going and how it will help the business and also the homeless. Please be aware that I do also take physical donations so if you are able to assist with scrap material, old clothes, art materials etc then please do get in touch, these are equally as important as money and it will all go to the same place in the end!

My targets at the moment are: a dummy model head for making fascinators on, a home studio, materials, marketing materials and fees for market stalls. Contribustions can start from $1 per month (it’s a US site so this is pennies in GBP!)

Cthulhu Cat Cult FB: http://www.facebook.com/cthulhucatcult

Twitter and Instagram and hashtags are cthulhucatcult and #ccc #cthulhucatcult



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