Getting Back In To Fitness.

Possibly the most horrendous experience is trying to get back in to fitness. Up until the summer pretty much I was in the gym, or at pole dancing or doing yoga most days of the week and over the past few months I have been doing a few exercises at home and teaching pole once a week. So I need to catch up again and this morning I got up late (not my intention) started writing an essay for university and then had a yoga break. I did Shoulder Shake on the FitStar Yoga app and as it turns out, I have lost all strength in my shoulder! Dolphins and Downward Dogs had my shoulders and arms shaking! A compromising position to be in as a pole dancer. But alas I tried and I have started my journey towards getting stonger and more flexible again. I am also starting splits training and maybe a little contortion training this year. Yoga had my back and legs quite supple last year but once again that is now not the case so I am going to document my journey towards strength and flexibility again and hopefully it will be better than it ever has been!

Day one of splits…It will get better

After the stretching and the pain I had a delicious but healthy meal and a cup of tea! Now I am ready for more essay writing and then finally work tonight. Bring on tomorrow morning’s early job through the forest to the Post Office to parcel collect!


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