New Year, More of Me

I have never liked “New Year, New Me”, why do you want to be a new you? What do you want to be?
A different version of you? There is nothing wrong with you! You have come this far in life and made an impact are reasons to name a few.
Okay, if you have been cheating, stealing, using and abusing then okay there is probably something wrong but why not improve you, whilst still being you?
You have skills, a personality, a life already lived, build upon it and learn to forgive.
Forgive yourself, forgive others, give to and love yourself and give to and love others. Don’t let celebrity deaths spoil your year, the news is only created to generate fear.
Another year just means that there is more to do, more to learn, a greater you. Cherry pick your finest part and rework it in to a brand new start.


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