The Things You Thought You Would Never Buy

You know when you are a kid, a teenager or a young adult, there are those certain items that you are convinced that you would never buy? They may be items that you would think that you would never need or never saw the point in, maybe items that you particularly hated or people told you how great they are you thought the fuss was a little exaggerated? For me these items were New Rocks and walking boots. I had a love hate relationship with New Rock boots and they have always been the standard for people in the metal scene, however, this year I got a pair. With a slight heel on them and practically brand new (I rarely buy anything brand new) they are great for dancing in and ever so robust. I would have probably had many comfortable nights out had I purchased a pair beforehand.

This year I have been on a few long walks and would generally wear my Doc Martens, the same goes for festivals. For this reason I never saw the need for walking boots and I never really liked the look of them. But after many festivals trashing my beloved Docs and really, they never get so comfy that you can wear them 5 days on the trot in the wind, rain and sunshine I have decided to use my Christmas money to buy a pair of walking boots, socks, a fleece and a rucksack to save my poor shoulders from my skate rucksack (surprisingly uncomfortable). I hate having cold and wet feet, it can ruin an entirely brilliant day for me and being uncomfortable can shorten my day. Having tired feet makes the whole body feel tired. So now I am really excited to get my new walking boots! The only thing I am missing is a nice warm but lightweight waterproof jacket and then I feel that I would be pretty much set for life.

All praise the holiday sales!



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