Easy Ways to Improve Finance in 2017

This post applies to anybody; whether you are a student looking to top up money in your spare time, a worker who wants some extra spends, a parent or someone who is currently not working and wants to make some money from home. I have been struggling with money for…well…years but now it is coming towards the end of 2016 I feel like I am getting on top of it, which is surprising as I am still a student and only work part-time. I have just cashed out on 3 survey sites and due to cash out on a few more. So it isn’t impossible getting money for Christmas or to treat yourself! Here are my tips and links for a little bonus top up!

  1. Not website related but save all of your change in a tin! No matter what it is just save it! This will be an absolute blessing when you have no money left for your gas and electric meter or have run out of teabags or bus money.
  2. Use Quidco for all of your purchases. There are other sites and apps that are very similar but Quidco has an absolutely astonishing amount of sites your can claim from. Do your shopping, buy your travel, book your hotels and everything through it and watch your cash back top up! Use this referral link and it earns us both money! Quidco Referral
  3. Panelbase is a great site; set up your profiles and get emailed surveys and you can earn around 80p up to £2.50 or sometimes more. The cash out level is now only £10, you £2 for referrals so you can get to pay out pretty quick! You cannot share referral links though, you need to send them email invites and pay outs can take up to 28 days. I received mine within 10 days.
  4. One poll is another great site with short surveys starting at 10p, pay out is £40 and the payout and referral system is the same as Panelbase. I had completely forgot I had this account until around a month ago, I had an email saying that they missed me and had added £5 to my account, when I logged in out found that I only had around £9 to make until pay out!

These are my favourite ways to make money in the background as it were. You can accumulate money on the go when using most of these methods. My top tips are: don’t forget that you use these methods, check them once a day or have them on in the background whilst you are on your computer to make the most of your computer session and refer as much as you can. During the months of November and December I had booked around 4 train trips, 2 hotel stays, some takeaways, a new bank account to put cash back money in to and some coffees (you can register your card on Quidco and earn cash back at some stores) and I am waiting on £65 worth of cash back!

I really recommend that anyone does this! Keep checking back for my next instalment of money making and money saving ideas. These will undoubtedly be interjected with posts on other things as I use my blog for many things. If you wish to book an online chat regarding any of this then drop me a message or an email to book, sessions are £10 between 30 and 60 mins.

Make this a great New Years resolution!


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