Being a Masters student-Gender, Sexuality and Culture.

This year I started Gender, Sexuality and Culture studies at The University of Manchester. I studied a module during my undergraduate on the same subject and it is something that I believe to be extremely important; especially at the moment as the newer generations come in and are doing what they can donconstrucrt every gender and sexuality that one day none of it will exist and we may as well not study it any more. 

I didn’t know I was going to study English and sociology, that is basically what I’m doing and it isn’t what I wanted to get out of this course. I am interested in NOW, how things can be improved for those living in the realms of LGBT NOW and for the future. In my head I have controversial ideas floating around for easy ideas that I know some people especially my generation and younger will not like, because I will probably disband everything they believe is to be true but I won’t be doing it without a cause. Whilst reading Wendy Brown’s “The Impossibility of Women’s Studies” which although based in America and a few years ago it is still something I can see happening in the U.K now. The topic is still taught by feminists or people of English or sociology backgrounds; what about the people who have struggled with gender or their sexuality? What of the people who have lived and not just read about it? What about the people who can think for themselves and apply texts from past decades and not just compare text to text? Why are we still studying normativity and performativity in a day and age where we are so free to act how we want? These aren’t the problems. What we should be looking at is why are people still dying or committing suicide within the group? Why do transgender escorts make so much more money? Why have we been able to move from have single raced toilets to mixing them but not the same for genders? (If this strikes a “danger” nerve then just remember, white people believed black people to be dangerous and riddled with illness once.) 

I’m not divulging everything here on a blog at nearly 11pm but I will cause a stir. Gender and sexuality should be formed on the basis of current affairs; teach the basics in college, some of theory get people interested and more comfortable and then at a graduate or undergraduate level students can have the chance to research to make a difference and not just go over old ground. I will make tracks and I will do my best to make this of utmost importance in education within this field. 


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