A Manic…Friday?

There is a day of the week that some of us find bleak,

It may change to any day and it will have it’s way.

Friday turned around and in the end it’s face all so meek,

it said “I will let you pass and you shall finish your week.”

-A little rhyme for the day by me!


Today was tough, nearly £3000 left my bank account to pay for my Masters degree, work (normal day hourly rate work) was busy, my internet just wasn’t having any of it as I was trying to update my Etsy shop. So I had a nap, had a bath with Lush’s “Boo”, filmed a video for my Xtreme Playpen account and tried again. I turned my Friday around in to a slightly more productive one! Ready to start making and photographing things tomorrow in full confidence that everything works now! Well it nearly all works anyway.

I thought I may try and cram my Outfit Of The Day in here and some shop promotion too! I mostly shop off Etsy, Vinted and eBay as well as browse the vintage or charity shop. It’s very rare that I will buy brand new things! So I say everyone try it! Find some second hand bargains, show some love.


So yes, that is me, in Pizza Express toilets. I treated myself to a pizza today! Wearing my second hand Doc Martens which I got from Cow for £60, black leggings second hand from my mum, blue crazy vintage Swedish knit style jumper £18…you guessed it, second hand from Cow, medium weight military jacket from a surplus store at Bloodstock Festival for £10 and my shiny new glasses (not cheap.)


Here is a link to my beautiful shop, there is so much going on here over the weekend so keep up to date and please do get in touch, I like to talk!

So here is to tomorrow! Let’s crack on, creatives!


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