London Road Firestation-Manchester

The station I the heart of Manchester’s city centre opened its doors to the public. Advertising the day as “Made Here” creative stalls, food and music bred locally. It seemed like a wonderful opportunity to see the arts that the markets sell and to look at the beautiful old building which has been hidden behind doors for many years. 

After twenty minutes of queueing I entered and straight off there were hipster families and people sat around drinking expensive drinks and eating the over priced food. The calibre of people who usually frequent between the Northern Quarter and Spinningfields when they have the money. Straight away I head for the stalls…minimal information and art, nothing with the heart and warmth that is usually on display at Manchester’s markets. 

The most disappointing of all was the map showing what was to become of this amazing place; a hotel with a spa. This is a place for Mancunians, a place people should be able to visit and enjoy on any occasion without having to spend spend spend! The entire trip including the queue lasted under an hour, a thoroughly disappointing and upsetting event advertising a heartbreaking future for the building. 


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