New house-a goth dream. Legends, bats, ghost? 

I recently moved to a wonderful location in the midst of a not so wonderful location. It is lost in the middle of chaos on the edge of a forest. An ex council estate with houses built in the 1930’s and the Boggart Hole Clough is full of legend. “Put salt at your doors” they say for the boggart will trick you so that it can enter your home or bring you out to do its bidding. 

I am terrified in houses, a real nervous person but on my first night alone (with my cat) I slept so heavily, it was amazing. Upstairs the ceilings had been lowered for energy efficiency but we took the office ceiling out and some terrible built in wardrobes, this revealed the beautiful curved original ceiling and colours of the very first walls out there. There was also a space from the original fireplace and chimney covered up that has now made a handy book shelf space. 

Since my first night here, bats have been flying right outside, I must assume they live here. Not two nights ago I stood outside the front and heard tapping on a window; it wasn’t urgent or anything, but nobody else was here. I feel it, the cat certainly feels it. So now I talk out loud, particularly in the smallest of the three bedrooms. It’s a happy home with some unknown guests! Even another cat has taken residence in my garden much to my house cats interest. One hopes its a cat and not the boggart in disguise, dressed as a sweet little tortoise shell. 

Here begin the adventures of my new home and importantly my new studio for my work! 


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