Manchester Comic Con

Today was my first time at a Comic Con. I had planned ideas for many months and decided on a cabaret Penguin as it fits a lot with characters and style I like. It was a wonderful day; generally shy and tentative people going mad for costumes and gathering the confidence to ask one another for photos. Not only that but supporting people with new unpublished comics or artwork all being printed by the designers themselves. It was a brilliant experience showing that small time artists can start off at the bottom but gain fans just by putting their face out their and selling their artwork. The community is supportive of people starting out and this is so important in the art industry! 

This is me as Penguin with my boyfriend as a character from his own book The Z List Celebrities which is out on Amazon now, only a few weeks left to get it. 

There were a few comments I heard that I found bizarre at an event like this but I have to say that the geek and nerd world s becoming more popular with people who just like the movies and sadly a lot of these people don’t understand cross dressers, crazy styles and general expression. I hope that if more people want to come to events like this that they learn to open their minds a little more.


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