The South. The Cornish Pixie.

The south is from where I originate. The cornish pixie, born in the storm of 1989. In the county of the Witches where the seas grow angry is where I grew, with black hair and black eyes. Brimming with nature and the creativity that the earth gave me, I left.

I ended up north, near another abundance of old covens. Different people, different creative energy as I became a different person but with the same old values.

Part of me is tethered to that harsh grey old place, with history and beauty in stone but here I emerge as a foreigner to the north. Accepted and reminded wonderfully in the countryside of back home.


If you haven’t checked out my website then please do, I have a creative Indiegogo campaign on the go. Even if you could donate one pound that would be magical, thank you. It all goes towards my creative endeavours!


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