Solitude misunderstood

Solitude or lonely, they conjure up such negative thoughts. But how many of us want to be alone at times? It’s been a busy day and we want time alone, that is understandable, right? Solitude can be wonderful, it can be productive, peaceful, thought provoking and much more. So why does it bring up such negative things? Is it because we make it publicly known when we are in a bad place when we mention solace? Or it is because when we are productive or happy in solace we don’t mention it enough.&Solitude


One comment

  1. Solitude is necessary for creative growth. Loneliness is crippling to emotional health. It’s OK to feel lonely, but don’t miss out on your opportunity to create – [God] gave you creative energy denied to most, so use it when you can, for all of us!


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