Are masks an intentional cover up?

Masks come in so many forms and depending on who you ask, some people may not consider certain things masks. We have a literal masks, made out of plastic or paper that cover our faces. We have make up that can go from covering a blemish to completely masking how we look or even becoming a different person. We have emotional masks, these are less literal and are there to deceive people about who we are or some may think they are there to protect ourselves…sometimes both.

You can mask anything if you want to, you can always make something in to something else, masks are there for good and for bad, the intent behind the masking is what matters. For example some people feel horrendously deceived and let down when someone they meet looks so exceptionally different without make up. Questions start to rise: is it because they aren’t happy with themselves? Is this what they think makes them more approachable? Or is it just a case of creativity? Because maybe they just like make up, they like the excessive flamboyancy.

Little Doll. Make up by me.

Sometimes wearing make up or hiding parts of our personality becomes second nature to us, especially after practice or just because social constraints have taught us one thing and we have never stepped outside of the box to actually see that it isn’t all that, it can be another way. So I think that masks are sometimes an intentional cover up, then it is just down to that intention behind it, but other times masks are there for the love of the show, for the enjoyment and the indulgence, sometimes the mystery; look at the old tradition of wearing Venetian masks for example. I wear make up when I go out, I don’t wear it to work, it’s too much hassle. I will go from no make up and mostly plucked out eye brows to full on contoured skin, big eyes and dark lipstick, I do it because I love it. It is the difference between wearing sloppy clothes at home and something nice out, there is no difference.

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