Let me turn the blog on its head….

This time it’s about you! Do any of you other bloggers out there in the blogosphere want some content made by me? Do you want me to write something? Do you want to interview me? Do you have a topic for me to write about? I want to hear YOU out there. If you check back to my website you will see that I do a variety of things that may give you a little nudge for ideas.

  • I am a graduate and a student
  • I am a freelance model
  • I am an Xtreme Playpen girl
  • I am an artist/designer
  • I am a fitness and health fanatic
  • I am a cat owner
  • I write reviews and blogs
  • I am tattooed
  • I am a dancer

These are just a few little things that might interest you. Please get in touch if you want to work together! Check out my website or follow me for more. You can also find me on Twitter @lockedloadedmcr and Instagram amorerocksxpp.



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