Protecting yourself-The invisible lock

Have you ever thought how it must look? Being guarded, self protected and feeling strong? I used to be like that, some people still see me like that and I know a lot of people like that. There is a fine line between it being a fierce independence and just being cold and stand-offish. Sometimes I think we don’t even know ourselves whether we are being strong or just cold. Nobody will fight their way in for you; like cells in the body, the “virus” isn’t just going to hack it’s way in to make us feel better, complete us or mend us. It will wait until the cogs fit and align perfectly so we are both open to each other. Only then can something true blossom, when both are open to the idea. We wrap ourselves in chains and a padlock hoping someone worthy has the key or just a magical sword to break through it all and free us; but no it’s down to us to free ourselves and open ourselves to the wonderful opportunities that arise. If we are guarded we won’t see it, we will miss it every time and most likely be looking for the wrong thing.




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