Bedtime for the body, playground for the mind

As the tired feeling takes hold, or the need to sleep for an early rise appears I crawl to bed. The precursor routine sets me up for my slumber; a wash, a drink, comfortable clothing, a quick read and a reflection. I feel ready. I am tired and I need to sleep. As I move my body down in to bed to rest I start to move and I start to think. Ideas and worries bloom and there is nothing that I can do. My mind is plagued by worry and doubt followed by the panic of being too tired to work the next day for lack of sleep. My body and my brain are not coordinated; my body is tired but my mind wants to run amok, not whilst dreaming; I haven’t been able to get that far, it stops me from getting that far. Bedtime is for the body but it is a playground for the mind.


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