Break the Concealing Shell

I have always been considered a confident person; I perform, I model, I am comfortable up talking in front of people and my personality generally comes across as confident. But if you have read my previous posts you would notice the catches. Each person you befriend or get in a relationship with either helps prise open the shell, smashes it open completely (in a good or a bad way) or they make you clam up completely. Sometimes you meet someone who helps you with a happy medium; internally I know that I am a little mad, a geek, intelligent and it all really clashes with my external appearance and often my behaviours. I met someone like me, someone I thought stunning on the outside and would never be interested in me to find that they were just the same as me! We are happy to point this out to each other, indulge in it and we find it attractive in each other, no matter how ridiculously geeky it is! Everything I concealed and indulged in just by myself has now been prised out, the shell wasn’t smashed, broken or abused, it was teased out vey quickly. It is mostly reserved for that one person, it is a special bond; some others see it but not to it’s full potential, not to the point I am laughing out loud about something that is just so stupid and insane that I embarrass even myself. Only one other person has that privilege, what a burden that must be at times!

Things may seem silly, you may feel that nobody will understand what level or even planet you may come from but there will always be someone out there who does understand. They may not be from the same planet or galaxy but they may be able to associate and appreciate it.


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