Dirty Girls

I have touched on this in a previous post; alongside my creative side, education and love for travel I am also a model, of the naked kind. I am happy and so fully aware of the stigma attached to this by the prudes of the world;the prudes masking themselves as people who are too proud to do something like that. I am happy with myself and I am supported in that part of my career but so many people think of us all as Dirty Girls. 

There is so much out there right now about slut shaming and body positivity but somehow us girls who show our bodies in such a way still get coined with a certain reputation. What people don’t see is that we are some of the last women to slut shame and bring a woman down on her appearance, we are all here holding hands and loving each other. We aren’t dirty, we aren’t wrong, we aren’t sluts, we are just doing something we enjoy that earns us money and puts us in to a community of support.  Dirty

by Steve Candi

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