Contrasting lifestyles

In the throws of looking at somewhere to live again I am once again torn between the environment I want to be in. I lived for many years in a small, secluded but very creative and artistic town. It was conservative but with an art university there and the student life building the town started to change. I was brought up around wildlife and nature too and all of these things are a part of me. I now live in Manchester city centre, buzzing with life and creativity, full of opportunities and potential at times but with wanting more space to carry out my artistic endeavours and with the prices attached to those I am faced with moving out of the city a little.

Having nature, space and peace are important to me for inspiration but so are people and colourful culture, contrasting styles of inspiration that are all very important to me. What do I possibly do? It is a constant struggle every day to decide whether I want to be more secluded and indulge in a purely peaceful style of life and work hard on creativity, mostly on my own or whether to meet at a halfway point, living gin a less desirable area but still being close to the city. I have done this before. I moved to Glossop which was wonderful, the train wasn’t too bad to the city but money vs living space is very different, the little stone houses are around half of the size of those I can get in surrounding areas a little closer to Manchester but surrounded by less beauty.

So much contrast within myself and my life as well as my environment. Contrast is wonderful until you have to make a decision upon it.



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