Divide Time

One word challenges can be slightly more difficult as the boundaries are minimal which is great for many but it also means that there are few guidelines which can be a challenge to many also. For me the word divide struck something very definite in my mind as I have recently been extremely conscious about how I need to divide my time. If you have read any other my other posts, even though I have just started blogging again it is clear that I do quite a lot with the time that I am given. So here is an example of how I would divide my typical weekday.

  • Wake up, wash, boil the kettle and make a brew of some kind. Also feed the cat.
  • Have a quick scan through any messages and social media.
  • Post out important self promotion for the day on social media.
  • Make breakfast and get dressed.
  • Take brew,  breakfast, notepad, pen and phone to the bed and sit in the bed trying to wake up a little more.
  • Text the boyfriend, we tend to give each other some motivational empowerment for the day.
  • Embark upon my morning routine writing exercise. It is a free writing exercise of three pages. I do this whilst eating  breakfast and drinking my tea.
  • Head off to work for 5 hours.
  • Come home, another brew, a snack for energy whilst doing some proper email and social media catch up and then head to the gym or do yoga at home.
  • Come home and shower, catch up with my more adult businesses; send photos, a bit of chat, update photo sets or videos.
  • Study for my degree.
  • Chill out with another brew or a hot chocolate.
  • End the evening with either more study or doing some artwork.

These are all in a typical weekday. Most of them I do 7 days a week but I have grown to know the benefit of having a day off. From everything. My typical Saturday would usually be just me and my boyfriend with no mobile phones. This is the most wonderful rest bite that is full of regenerative powers that sets me up for the next week. Dividing my time so well has come from enjoying most of the things I do, I would love to enjoy my job more but knowing that I am working to pay things off which would lift a weight off my shoulders is enjoyment, it is something I thoroughly look forward to accomplishing. I have to divide my time to fit everything in and the dedication and support makes it happen.


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