Proud To Be Proud

My mum always made it very clear whenever she was proud of me, it always seemed like the thing that came most naturally to her, maybe because it was true! I never take this information well, I never have done; I usually come out with some jumble and go in to myself when somebody says that they are proud of me. It makes me cringe, especially when I know I did’t really try that hard. Over the years though I have grown to be proud of myself. Seeing other people struggle and knowing how much I have struggled and what I have been through I have encouraged myself to give myself a break and to just be proud of myself every now and again. This has helped me achieve a lot more, being able to congratulate myself has meant that I can work more and work harder and strive for more things. So I am indeed very proud to be proud, it is a delicious circle that can only benefit itself which is so very rare today.
Pat on the Back


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