One thing I am proud of…

As everyone is so very good at pointing out their faults, it is important to pick out things we like about ourselves too. I couldn’t decide whether to go for something about my brain or my body so I decided to go for the one thing I am proud of that combines the two. My dancing. I really struggle to dance something that is taught to me, a routine for example. To me dancing is very natural and you should feel the music and the movement, this type of dancing came to me very naturally. I was awful in lessons for pretty much any style of dancing I have attempted throughout my career, but being able to come up with my own routines and freestyle are where my skills lie. Whether it is something a little contemporary, pole, burlesque or on the podiums it is all about the song and how my body wants to move to it. If it is a song I cannot feel then there is no point me being there and performing.

This skill doesn’t stop here, just being able to move well and feel the music is not just isolated to dancing and music, being able to feel this sort of thing means you are more susceptible to picking up body language and knowing your own, it may also mean that you are more of an emotional person and can relate to many things within other people. Discovering emotion through music and movement has opened up so many avenues for me, it is how I get excited about doing a routine or watching someone else’s routine. This skill engages cognitive skills and physical skills and it is something I am very proud of.

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