Straight Guide to the Gay Side: Being in a Relationship with a Bisexual

Hive Radio Manchester

I found out that my current girlfriend was bisexual before we started dating. If I recall, it was a passing comment in the pub over a few beers; I would say now that it’s not a requirement to drink beer if you’re a bisexual/lesbian woman, despite what your dad’s mates want you to believe. At the time, I didn’t know we were going to get together so it never really played on my mind. I’ve got friends of all sexualities, and as a straight man I’ve always just valued friends as who they are, rather than what they are. Now, you never have to really think about this stuff when you’re just friends, but as we entered our relationship those questions were at the tip of my tongue: do I have to be on the lookout when she’s asking a girl for a cigarette? Will my family accept her? And…

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