The Parallel Road

Let me take you back approximately three years. I was living in a flat with my boyfriend at the time, younger than me and career driven, a gamer with a full family. We were friends and we got along but things eventually became stagnant; the repetitive house wife lifestyle got boring, my job was boring and when I came home I was bored. The only positive that came out of this situation was that I became very creative and business minded again as it helped to keep me occupied and happy. The spark had died in my relationship and my spark for life was dimming, I had to get out. I applied to university with a clear vision of going, it was something I had not yet achieved and I loved to study. I also envisioned quitting my job and moving to the city closer to university. I was older than most students so I decided not to live in halls and I cherish my own space far too much. The relationship started to take a turn as my boyfriend didn’t really want to move although he could easily get to work and to his family from the city. So we broke up, nothing dramatic, the relationship had just run its course. I moved to the city, I got a place at university and I got a new job in an alternative shop selling jewellery. A change of pace and a very different life, one I felt far more at ease with but in a very daunting and exciting way.

Had all of this change not have happen I would not be modelling as much, I would not be dancing as much or teaching dance, I would not have the vibe for life that I do now, I would not have some of the most amazing friends and one in particular who designs clothes and is a huge inspiration to me; had I not gone to university and graduated I would not have met the man I am with now but at the same time had I not worked in said jewellery shop I would not have met his mother who introduced us at graduation, ultimately had it not been for me working in that shop and graduating, we would may well not have met at all. We make decisions in life but I believe that there is a loose path and the universe likes to gently nudge us in the right direction if we start to go off course. I am so very thankful for that.

The Road Less Traveled


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