My Baby Blog Stats

My blog is not even a few months old. It already has some diverse content on it as I do so much and I do not want to create a niche, I want to share as much as I can with my readers. My top five posts show this as my top pages vary from my home page to reviews and lyric based posts. There is no link between them except the fact that I wrote them. It is true the statistics are not high, I am still finding my ground and my audience. Not only will fans of my modelling and performing want to read, but so will my friends and other bloggers, there are reviews which people will want to read and much more. Very soon there will also be posts of my art up too as this is just another part of what I do. I can only hope that people will find it in themselves to follow and like the blog posts that they are interested in as opposed to judging it from one or two random posts that they see.

Not only do I post up blog type material but I also do a lot of writing exercises and path finding work which I will also love to share with you. Everybody struggles with their creativity at some point and reading up on other peoples experiences can really help alleviate problems.
The Stat Connection



    • Mostly drawing, painting and a lot of mixed media! A lot of stuff I have done before has been work on self image, internally speaking and other bits I have done have included a very cute halloween character set on canvas and art based on places I have travelled to. I have done a bit of photography also!

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