Letter To A Teacher

Thinking back twelve to thirteen years ago I was inspired by an art teacher. You were a breath of fresh air in a stuffy convent school; young, trendy and warm I instantly felt comfortable around you. I remember that you had little plasters over you covering up small tattoos that were not allowed to be on show, visible due to the pointy flat shoes and classic pleated skirts you wore in the summer. I always enjoyed art and didn’t want your stuffy and old fashioned predecessor to ruin my love for it so I was elated with the change around GCSE time. Through your teaching and with your personality I never felt so different as I did throughout the rest of my educational career at that school; you encouraged me to look at the horror style of art and the things you knew that I would be really attracted to. By doing this I knew that you were listening and paying attention to me, this makes a huge difference in a child or teenagers life, or in anyones life really.

I remember you showing us Dark Crystal in class, a film I already knew too well and so many of the other girls lacked interest in the film. I remember feeling a more of a connection and an understanding when you said you were going to show that film. I came from a background of being made very aware of how weird and different I was but you made a big part of my education so much better. Lunch times that could be spent in the art class rooms I always took advantage of, even if it was to sit and doodle without doing any real pieces, I just wanted to be there and feel safe away from the bullies and girls talking about things that really didn’t matter to me.

I thank you Miss Freed for making a part of my education a much happier one, I don’t know how I would have coped through school if I didn’t have double art lessons or a safe place to go at lunch time. I am still constantly looking for one of the books I studied from! I book on horror and graphic art, I remember demon heads hanging or possible on spikes? I am sure it was a picture in a book and not a figment of my imagination. I figured I would give it another year, if I still haven’t found evidence of this book I will just take the idea for my own and be done with it.


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