“Junk” By Melvin Burgess

As a teenager I got very wrapped up in dark books; I read “The Vampire Diaries”, Lenore comics and this book “Junk” by Melvin Burgess. When I first read it the book was an insight in to a life I already knew about but reading it from another perspective, being enveloped in to the characters lives and back then the content was quite shocking for a young teenager as it was about drugs and graphic relationships. At the age I read the book I was a young teenager and I knew that the title was another term for smack or Heroin. To me it was the kids version of Trainspotting or something similar, almost the prequel or the younger versions of those characters. The bright green cover with the needle and dandelion on the front always struck me, very psychedelic but crude, something off about it. “Junk” was the first novel I read as a teenager that wasn’t from the Harry Potter series, it was the point I sat down and though (quite late in my childhood) that I loved reading. I however lent this book to someone and never got it back.

A few years ago I purchased this book again, the same cover just less tatty than my previous well loved version. Looking inside the book it felt strange as the letters and spacing were large, as I have gotten older the book looked like it was aimed at people younger than I originally thought however that is what age does to you. The book is so strange to read now with everything so dark put in to simple terms however with my imagination having developed more now I can fill in the gaps. I believe this book shaped me from a young age, I have a fascination with the more obscene and colourful sides of life; at university I specialised in drugs alongside body, sexuality and culture and I thank all of my interests and acceptance of these things to that book.


Junk by Melvin Burgess.

Second Time Around


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