Naked To The World

I have been asked whether I am comfortable in front of people or if public speaking terrifies me but to me these are two different questions. As a dancer and a performer with a strong acknowledgement of body language, movement is more important in front of people. I am confident with movement and with my body but not so much with my words. With all of the debate online about peoples’ bodies, how they look and how they use them  to me none of that matters when you need to express your body. Do not get me wrong, I am not comfortable about how people think of my body or how they think I use it but I am comfortable with myself. People should think more about what people write and what people say, this is where people can lie and do unjust things, the body tells the truth.

Speaking in public doesn’t bother me; I have read presentations, stories and can often give my opinion very strongly in public. It is the general conversation that can get me, trying to be myself knowing full well of my obscurities. I have been through a long learning process to learn how to be more comfortable with this but rather than learning how to be comfortable I have sussed out that I don’t care about those who cannot seem to embrace it. Therefore I do not have to worry about how comfortable I am because the people that stay around and appreciate it know how awkward I can be and do not mind or make me feel worse about it.

I feel very fortunate that I do not get terrors when having to be public in any way; I have been in front of cameras and on stage since I was very small, the fact that I love it really helps the confidence. I try to comfort those who do get in a panic in front of people whether it is for an interview, a speech or a big performance because confidence in public is often a lack of confidence in oneself which is sad to see.


IMG_5100-1 Alternative Model Of The Year catwalk 2015. Photo by Leroy Harding.
Naked with Black Socks


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