The Girl Anachronism

Todays daily post is voice work; who would I get to narrate my life in an audiobook? I would choose Amanda Palmer and there are many reasons behind this. From a teenager her songs and her voice were things that I could relate to on the inside and her appearance was and still is definitely something I can relate to on the outside. Her vast experience in life is incredible as well as her sheer determination to work for her art no matter how financially awful her life became. I imagine my audiobook to be part narration and part song and I would not want anyone else to contribute to this. Not only this but she also found love in the beauty and chaos of her art and also her partner Neil Gaiman. I have admired this woman since I very first heard her and she continues to be more and more amazing as she travels and learns.

I met her at a book signing within the past few years whilst she was still pregnant and she felt warm, loving but her humour which you can hear in her music resonates from her. She is my internal monologue which is exactly why I would want her to narrate my audiobook.

Voice Work


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