Finding your creative self after a break.

The beginning of 2015 started off productive for me; I had my head down working hard on my body and my creativity skills with the aim that it would all flow in to every aspect of my life and it really did work. I am extremely sensitive to life changes and when I gained a house mate everything changed. My routines went out of sync, I couldn’t use locations in my flat at the same times as I did before, my whole timetable had changed and it essentially fucked my my routine completely. After a break over Christmas and with the modelling work on a low I started to gather up my thoughts with the aim of getting back to where I was. I was so grateful for the Waterstones vouchers I got over Christmas that I have now been to sit in the large Deansgate store every week rejuvinating my creativity and trying to gain some inspiration.
I found a book called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and I have just started one simple task of The Morning Pages; waking up and free writing three pages of whatever comes to my mind first thing in the morning. For me personally this not only helps to kick start my writing habit again but also means I have to get up at a certain time to finish this task before work and this is exactly what I needed. I have so many things I can and want to do that I actually get a little bit lost. Another thing I like to rely on are books of things to draw and write about, it gives you a guideline with a type of goal but you are able to use your own creativity.
My creative self is vast; I model, I YouTube, I write, I dance, I draw, I sing and the list goes on but I also have a job and I am still studying and it can be so hard finding a balance. I am extremely lucky to have a very supportive person reminding me to do what I love which keeps me grounded and on the straight and narrow but what I love isn’t what keeps the food coming in and the heating on. It is also most certainly not going to pay for my first sunny holiday in over ten years that I have booked.
This post is the starting point for this little adventure, any related posts will show development and how I have come along in finding my creative self again with the hope that somebody else is thinking like me or is in a similar situation and can benefit from my tactics. Last summer the first thing I did was change job, I loved my job but the income was making me miserable and I have debt to pay off so I found a job with a 25 hour contract working 9.30am to 2.30pm weekdays, perfect for me as I am up early, feeling productive and finishing early enough to get a lot more done with my day. Ideally getting to the gym before work creates a better day for me but as I have trouble sleeping early enough this isn’t always the case, but going to the gym as early in the day as possible I find is key to keeping productive. I find that if I am sitting around and waiting for a time to do soemthing then time just runs away and before you I know it I have barely achieved anything. Anything I find that is plaguing my mind needs to be done as soon as possible; if im thinking about studying it is probably because I am worried about it, therefore I do some!
These are just a few things that I picked up that changed my productivity and motivation drastically. I used to be so angry and frustrated with my lack of motivation but just by changing a few things my life has changed for the better. I have started an achievements box, I write down things that have made me happy and what I have achieved and put them in a box to open at the end of the year, in the same box I have been collecting pennies, starting on the first of january with one penny and adding a penny to each day (so day 2 add two pennies and so on) this means that when I break open the achivements and happiness notes I will also break out over £600 in change!!
To summarise what I have felt have been the key points to my productivity:
  • Getting up early enough to accomplish something before work.
  • If you’re thinking about it, you are probably worrying about it so do it.
  • Get some form of routine going.
  • Dedicate a time slot each day to do something creative or for yourself.
  • Exercise. We can all do it, it doesn’t have to be running, it can be yoga at home, learning flexiblity, getting a pull up bar, just anything for at least 15 minutes in your day!
  • Think hard about what keeps you motivated, what makes you happy and how can you incorportate that in to your daily routine.

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